If there is one reason why my site exists. Then it is because of inspiring others with my knowledge, experience in life lessons, sports, and related.

This project is an huge thing. An platform full of information and data to keep you motivated in life.

Every year my site shapes to an user friendly version as possible. I always hear about people complaining that there is way to much things. But that is the thing. My website took me 500 hours of work. I started from scratch. This site is one of the sites that takes the content and design seriously. It is not an site to view. It is an website that suddenly became an platform. An platform that you will visit periodically to let you inspire with my knowledge in life lessons. And my knowledge with years of experience with sports.

No instagram for me because I need focus:(UPDATE: Since july 2019 all my new pics/best old pics are on instagram). You can find timelines/photo albums of me. That is just an expression related to casting directors, to people who want to know more about me in an timeline of pics. Because I like taking pictures. But I want quality, not quantity. Fun fact: On my 17 years old age I only weighted 48-57 kg, obtained an social phobia. I locked me up, wanted to escape life, for over more then 4 years. Years later I became an model and athlete. I went full throttle, enjoyed life at the fullest in bad conditions and bad times. Money was not my thing. I lived from chasing a dream. Especially from sports. Because that was the real game changer for me. Thanks to this lifetool I went very energetic, motivated in life, and very educated in my so many hobbies.

Next to these pics. I have coaching texts, my motivation texts, and an autobiography. Because believe it or not. This story is insane, my lifework, can hit the screens worldwide.

The moral of this story: If you had a hard Youth, or are in your midlife crisis, think about suicide. Don’t see a reason anymore to live life. Feeling unhappy. No matter what happens. You can always rise from your ashes. With my books I talk about situations how to handle violence, how to handle bullying, how to handle death scenarios, how to handle toxic people, how to motivate yourself, how to learn live with traumas, with pain, with anger. How to be strong in life. How to be independent. How not to rely on others. How to learn living without technology, or how to be an budgeteer pro. How to learn understand emotions and situations. How to understand overreacting people. How to be calm in stress situations. How to do something about your self esteem.

And go so on. With my big synopsis of my autobiography you can see that I came from far. You will see that it is in diary form and real. Because I write with emotion, write that it feels like that you are in that moment.

But enough of this. The main thing about this website is inspiring others over whole this world. With my story I can at least say that I had a freaking hard youth. But with this advantage I want to inspire others with my passion. SPORTS

The goal with this website is informing people with my knowledge and past. But the biggest thing is giving them an boost in life again. Or for people that never have problems. For you there is also plenty enough of information.

Because sports became my life. I studied for years sports. Trained a lot with trial and error. Trained almost like no one else. And that is why you can learn from me.

I know how to create discipline, willing power, how it feels that you succeed your first 50 meter run, your first push-up, pull-up, and go so on.

With my never give up page I show an insane summary of sport results and other stuff. Because I always kept writing my training logs. But now I am in year 5. And that means a hell of knowledge and experience about sports.

Now you can only see my workout logbook, self coach texts, motivation texts. But YouTube is also here. The only thing about YouTube is that it is more motivational than really an learning aspect. I was thinking about making an series of videos how to train properly, how to create cardio, power, an torso, what food really important is. How to push up, how to understand the importance of the core stability, building up slow, stretching your body. Let’s just say: the in’s and outs on how to improve your mental strength, your cardio vascular power, your muscle power/mass/cardio/growth. Your speed, coordination, body shape, and go so on. Even your immune system or how to live with tiredness, how pushing your limits, how to be familiar with pain. Never give up, that motto has an very long history and meaning behind it. But fun fact: In my first trial and error experience this became my motto. You never will achieve something without failure. Setback means that you are on the right track. But only you can make the difference with your mental strength: Your life way, character, willing power, discipline, and the will to NEVER GIVE UP!

So in short: I have a lot of plans. But if there is one thing that I really want to accomplish. Then it is putting my daily training logs online. Then you can see how educated and serious I am. And maybe a little bit too crazy in terms of activity. But hey! Sport is my life!

So: pics, self coaching, later personal training, influence by casting and partnerships with companies. Just to motivate you.

YouTube: More training sessions caught on cam, more dancing, more learning vids about sports. Just more sports in general. But still at an slow speed. Because I live from my sport, not from an camera. YouTube is just that extra. In the upcoming years I probably will have enough videos that you will understand this video. But let’s keep it real. Don’t rush these things.

But the biggest thing: And live up and running workout logbook. With my polar vantage v. I finally can achieve this. There is so many data and detail in comparison with my m400 that i got rid of my workout logbooks. Everything is possible with the polar vantage v in combination with polar flow. The only thing is that I needed to adept. An in depth review will come late 2019. Because I want to review every aspect. There are so many features that I am still experimenting and testing.

Long story short. Now that I finally figured the polar vantage v. There is only time left to master the advantage of it. I can say that I am love with this device. For every athlete this thing is an no brainer

And all that data is just so motivational for myself. And really inspiring to others. You have to see it to believe it. A lot of people at my gym asked me te record my sessions, or do something to teach others. So I think. This one is pretty big.

That’s all what I can say for now.