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My name is Michael. I am 25 years old. But already have an autobiography. I helped people from traumatics. Grew up in a very hard youth with very agressive ADHD. At the age of 7 i couldn’t count on my parents anymore. So I went very quick mature because of growing up in an institution.

My passion as a child was gaming. I was very good at this. Could join the MLG. When I was 17 I crashed emotional due my youth. It was unbelieveable and a riddle for me. I eated unhealthy, locked me up, was diagnosed with the social phobia. My life looked like an dead end.

Gaming was my social life, I was very competive.

After 3 years living with an social phobia I started with writing a book as a remedy. That was the first reason that my book my life, my story, my progression went real. So I could find myself back.

In 2014 I tried to finish of my school. In school number 8 I guess. Because I saw a lot of violence, had a lot of pressure, did not like living in an institution. My school diary was colored red off the record. I was a rebel because of my situation. I didn’t care about school. I had so much problems with all these quick rapid changes and experiences in my life. I ended up in the lowest class because I did not give a fuck about school anymore. And with my photographic memory I could hit easily 10 out of 10. When I studied it was a 10. But like I said, I was a rebel. Flew from time-out to time-out. Even the child psychiatry.

Later it turned out. That this was a big mistake. That this is why I crashed on my 17. Because I never felt warmth or stayed at one place. And was punished a lot.

But even in 2013-2014 I had a new clusterfuck. I ended up on the street( 1 day) because I was stranged from my own father. My grandma took me home. After that the madness just started. In 2015 I survived many times the death due violence, chaos and risk, it was just hallucinantory. But nope. Now my grandma was scared of me. My bad uncle told the police that I am an danger, aggressive to her( I LOVED MY GRANDMOTHER/NEVER TOUCHED HER. But my bad uncle hates me because he sees my father in my face, witch he also hates). I did not even had the chance to protect my own god damn rights. Because of the stupidness of ignoring the police on free will. I was under government in an forced collocation/ psychiatry. This was just insane. Because I myself would like to have my own place. But I had nothing. My mom is sick. My dad was gone. Poverty everywhere, no job. But I had one big power. Hope, the power of survive. And last but not least I had a dream since my 14 years old. So in 2014 I found myself back because of the nightlife but went hard due the criminal underworld(unexpected). Now I had the feeling to help people at the cost of my own life. I saw the dark side of the sex industry, gangs, criminal activity everywhere, everything went so fast. And I also had an freaking nymphomaniac as a girlfriend what later turned out as a psycho. I played freaking psychologist for 2 months.

At the same moment I decided to take things in hands. To achieve real life goals instead of ‘trophy’s and achievements’. I started to train for the belgian elite forces. Sport became my life and passion. I ignored social media and technology for years. Sacroficed a lot.

I noticed so much difference in my health/energy/. I was against Gaming now. And it also was an confirmation that my medication for ADHD was pure evil( since my 15-16 years old I stopped with this. On my 18th completely). No fucking way that I could sport on high level, create these books and website, obtained my degrees, etc, with that corrupt trash. I felt my body fighting against that medication, was dizy, litterly a zombie, in custody of my energy.

But because of that collocation I was now robbed 2 months of my freedom. Lucky enough I knew my rights. So I refused medication. And believe me. If I did you probably never would heard a word of me. Never would see this website and my books that are my life work. And last but not least my unbelievable mental power and energy/motivation in life of today.

I was forced to stay there for 2 months. Because due the law they can’t throw somebody on the street. So in some way I am thankfully that I could stay there. But it was really hard and very depressing to sit between sick people behind a locked door with almost no freedom. God, I don’t get it why this even happened. Was this even legal?

after the rain sun shines… I managed to obtain 2 degrees, motivate and entertain people, obtained an top condition, the unique skill to go in t-shirt in every season/weather condition till – 4 degrees Celsius( rain, snow, you name it), some insane sport results. That every year go in evolution! And last but not least my book went something in something I never could thought. That is why I have an 2 parted autobiography, 1 stand alone book. That is why I am an motivation bomb this day and the day after tomorrow. That is why I know that my book can go worldwide on the screens. I never thought about an book. But hey, can you follow this insane text? Well, to be honest. I am still speechless and astonished how I managed to survive this. That I always kept positive. While people are complaining about money or the stupidest discussion you can imagine.

Mental power is the key here.

after achieving all of my life goals till now I started to notice that Gaming is not bad at all. It only makes you dizy, lazy after a long period. I call media drugs. Because it just holds you off productivity.

Also, I was ironically the ‘hero’ for my sister and mom because I gived my grandma a nice death. Because I was the one that always visited her/helped her/ while she got demented. On one day I suddenly saw her naked on the floor with 4 paramedics next to her. She was dying in front of my eyes. When she got transported I informed my mom and sister. I was the one that saw her the last 6 hours without going away from her on the machines in the emergency room. I was the one that called a priest( she believed deeply in god, i not at all) for her last prey message on her last breath in her last sleep, while the machines got disabled to keep her in life. I was the one that freaking informed my bad uncle( her son), he did not show up! So a big fuck you to that false collocation statement. I fucking cared about my grandmother. These days I felt cold for the first time in years. Even in sauna’s. My heart was in place of her. My tears where everywhere. Gaming and fast food was my remedy…. for months. But still I sported, worked my ass off…

Now I have an website, 2 degrees, 3 books, countless functions. And yet, nobody knows me. But this is starting to change. Because of my energy and knowledge.

YouTube is for me an easy platform to keep things in one place. I love my videos as a memory. Not as a production. I don’t care about subs/views.

I just care about helping people, rescueing people. “It is my goal to inspire this world with my energy, past, and lifestyle.”